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Company code: 302704554
Address: Kalvariju 235 , LT-08311 Vilnius, Lithuania
Bank account at SEB bank: LT 63 7044 0600 0779 8055
Phone: +370 630 60636
Email: info@pola.lt
POLA Card Project Leader
Issue of POLA Card, discount and partnership management
POLA Community Coordinator
Free of charge invitations to cultural events, partnerships with cultural institutions
Communications Coordinator
Media relations
Project Manager for POLA Consultations, Events Coordinator in Vilnius
Registration for legal, phycological, dietitian consultations and educational events in Vilnius
POLA Register and Events Coordinator in Kaunas
Development and consultations on POLA App usage; registration for educational events in Kaunas
POLA Director
Strategic partnerships