Your support is of vital importance for the Lithuanian Cancer Patient Coalition (POLA) to successfully pursue its mission.

We invite everyone to support the Lithuanian Cancer Patient Coalition (POLA) in various ways, as well as help the team of the Coalition to fulfill its tasks.

  • Among others, we would be happy to see you as a sponsor of the “Getting Better Together Is Easier” project. The project aims at improving the quality of life of cancer patients by reducing their financial burden, supporting them with positive emotions and attitude, demonstrating the public’s solidarity, support, and assistance – everything to show that cancer patients could feel like fully-fledged members of the society. After all, together, it’s easier to recover.

Other opportunities to support our cause are available below.

Donate funds

1. Support by using PayPal account:

Just press the button “Donate” below:

2. Support by transferring money to our SEB bank account:

Bank account number: LT 63 7044 0600 0779 8055
Bank code: 70440, AB SEB bank
Beneficiary: Lithuanian Cancer Patient Coalition (POLA)
Company code: 302704554


3. Support by using Paysera bank account:

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Support us with your products, services or other means needed by POLA

For more details please contact us via email.

Develop and implement joint projects

For more on our projects please contact via email.

Allocate 1,2% of your paid personal income tax

If you are a tax resident of Lithuania and you wish to allocate 1,2% of your paid PIT, please fill in the FR0512 form in your tax declaration form. If you need assistance on how to fill in the form, feel free to contact us!